Solar PV

Solar PV

Solar power is an environmentally friendly way of generating electricity for use in your home and to export back to the grid. We have years of experience in installing Solar PV systems to homeowners and business across Dorset and the surrounding counties. Our passion for renewable energy ensures that we can provide a complete and reliable service, from the initial enquiry to installation and ongoing maintenance.


How does Solar Power work?
The energy from the sun is collected by the panels we mount on the roof or ground and is converted into DC electricity (the type that comes out of a battery). The DC electricity is not useable as mains electricity and needs to be converted. That is the job of the inverter. The Inverter is the heart of the system and converts the DC electricity to mains electricity that can be fed into your property for you to use and/or be exported back to the grid. The inverter works totally automatically and does not require any attention in normal operation.

The power from the inverter feeds into your fuse board and is used directly by your household appliances. If more is needed than your system generates, additional power is drawn from the grid automatically. At certain times, the system may generate more than you are using, at which time the power will flow into the national grid for use elsewhere. Your home has become a mini-power station. You get paid a Feed In Tariff (FIT) payment for every unit of energy you generate plus a payment for energy you export to the grid. In addition, you get to use the energy for free.

A PV system is pretty much fit-and-forget, except that you will probably want to keep an eye on the generation statistics. Most new system owners are obsessive data watchers. H2-ecO offer a web linked monitoring system as an option, which can be monitored remotely by us to ensure optimal performance.

Feed In Tariffs Explained
On the 1st of April 2011 the government introduced the new Feed in Tariffs (FiTs’). This initiative brings us in line with what has been happening in Germany and other European countries for many years. This has been driven by our commitment to carbon reduction.

There are three ways in which you can benefit financially. Firstly, you get paid for all of the electricity you generate per kWh or ‘unit’. Secondly, you get to use as much of the electricity you generate for free therefore reducing the amount you are importing from the grid. Thirdly because the system only generates electricity in daylight, it is assumed that you will only be able to use 50% of what you generate so you also get paid again for 50% of what you produce per kWh or “unit” irrespective of how much you actually use.

To find out what rates are available today and more about how you could benefit from Solar PV, plus to get a no-obligation quote, please get in touch.


See it in action

Solar Edge

Solar Edge is a state of the art PV monitoring system that is included with all of our Solar PV installations. Watch this video for a clear visualisation about how Solar PV and battery storage link in with the grid to power your home and feed back any energy produced that you don’t use. See how all of this can be tracked in real-time with the Solar Edge system.

Download Solar Edge Storedge Catalog >

Solar Servicing
Solar PV Servicing

Servicing, maintenance & repair

It is recommended that Solar PV systems are serviced annually, just like your boiler. Whether you are an existing customer or have a Solar PV system that was installed by another company, we are happy to help.

Annual Service

Includes electrical testing of the system and a certificate of works on completion
Price:  £150plus 45p per mile travel expenses

Solar PV Troubleshooting

Price: £150 plus 45p per mile travel expenses for the first hour then a further £42 per hour thereafter