Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Battery storage has long been the Holy Grail of renewable energy generation. Never compromising on the service or products that we promote, we have waited until a genuinely viable product was developed. This has now come in the form of Tesla Powerwall 2.


The need for battery storage
Solar PV systems generate plenty of power during the day, but not at night. A typical UK property with a system around the 3 to 5kWp mark will export around half of the electricity produced during the day, only to rely on drawing power back from the grid overnight. In order to use your solar power overnight, or indeed to achieve true self-sufficiency, a battery storage system is paramount.

The problem until recently is that batteries simply haven’t been good enough to do the job of domestic energy storage. At H2-ecO we have been monitoring the storage battery market for several years and have seen many options come (and go). We have waited until a battery technology emerged that we were happy to put our name to, and that has now happened in the form of TESLA Powerwall 2.

Tesla Battery Storage
Tesla is the world’s leading company in battery technology, having spent years developing battery storage for their electric cars. Tesla Powerwall 2 is an adapted version of their car battery module. Tested over millions of miles on the roads in freezing and hot conditions, we are sure that these batteries will stand the test of time. Tesla offer a no-quibble 10 year warranty.

The batteries that we install can be monitored online using the Solar Edge system. We can see a 4kWp Solar PV system with some morning shading fully charging a Tesla Powerwall from empty on most days in May, even though the property has an above average base-load. The Solar Edge inverter can be used in conjunction with Tesla batteries and will increase production compared to any string inverter; an excellent upgrade to an older system.

Batteries are not cheap, and the Tesla Battery is no different, but for customers looking to be one of the first to step into the new age of energy storage, we at H2-ecO believe Tesla offer the best option by some margin.

Whether as part of a new Solar PV installation or a retrofit to an existing one, a Tesla Battery Storage system can be included. Please get in touch to find out more about battery storage including benefits, costs and return on investment.


See it in action

Solar Edge

We recommend using Solar Edge and TESLA with all of our Solar PV and battery storage installations. Watch this video for a clear visualisation about how Solar PV and battery storage link in with the grid to power your home and feed back any energy produced that you don’t use. See how all of this can be tracked in real-time with the Solar Edge system.

Download Solar Edge Storedge Catalog >

Tesla Servicing
Solar PV Servicing

Servicing, maintenance & repair

We service, maintain and repair Solar PV and air source heatpump  systems that we have fitted and those fitted by other installers. If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced and qualified company to look after your renewable energy systems, then please get in touch.