Airconditioning has long been considered a luxury in the UK however with steadily increasing summer temperatures we are experiencing more and more days where active cooling in homes and offices is an important ability.


For homes, active cooling makes sleeping soundly at night possible and creates a pleasantly cool environment indoors. For offices, maintaining a reasonable workspace temperature has clear productivity benefits and increases staff satisfaction.

Ideally, Airconditioning would be combined with Solar Electricity generation on-site so that the air-conditioning can draw most of its power from the sun.

In certain situations, an airconditioning unit (which is a heatpump that can run in both heating and cooling modes) can be used as a cost effective way of heating a space. A well designed small system can have a seasonally weighted heating efficiency of 500% making it one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways of heating a space.

Airconditioning units have application where traditional heatpumps would not be suitable such as community halls with limited periods of operation. As the aircon unit can respond very quickly it is able to heat spaces more quickly than traditional air-to-water heatpumps and have the added advantage of cooling ability in summer as well. They also work well in conservatories to provide both cooling in summer and heating in winter for occasional use.

H2ecO can design and install systems from a single room wall mounted “standard” airconditioning system to commercial systems spanning several floors and multiple offices / workspaces.

H2ecO’s focus in designing these systems is to deliver maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption. We only work with the manufacturers that offer the best efficiencies and after-sales support.

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