Self Build Services

Self Build Services

H2ecO receives a lot of enquiries from Self-builders looking to make their properties as efficient as possible. They are often driven by a wish to make their properties as close to energy net neutral as possible with whatever budget they have allocated.

We find Self-builders to be amongst the most interesting and challenging customers we meet as they are usually driven with the long-term view of the properties operation rather than “build it for as little as possible and sell it”.

We can help most if we start talking very early in the project so that the renewable technologies can be fully integrated into the design – often generating savings compared to treating them all as separate issues that are added later – and we are happy to do that with no commitment.

We take a fabric-first approach and will always advise to maximise insulation, then look at MVHR to minimise ventilation heatlosses, then look at heating /heat emitter and DHW solutions, then Generation and then Battery storage. We offer unbiased advice and will help with advice even on technologies we don’t fit. Our experience and learning from working with many other self-builders on issues like insulation and thermal bridging, windows airtightness etc can be helpful on an informal basis.

We can recommend suppliers and installers of many building elements so customers can avoid some common pitfalls.

So, if you are looking for a partner to help realise your carbon reduction and running cost reduction aims, please give us a call and we will help where we can.