Renewable Energy Award Nominations, and Wins!

Energy Efficiency AwardsAt H2-ecO we are very excited to have won at the South West Energy Efficiency Awards for Regional Renewable Heat Installer of the Year!

In 2016 we have been nominated for a total of four regional and national awards. At the South West Energy Efficiency Awards we are nominated for the best Regional Small Scale Project for our work for the Anglo American Oil Company, the Regional Renewable Heat Installer of the Year, and our director Mike Stevenson as the Regional Energy Efficiency Champion. Winning Heat Installer of the Year is a great privilege and testament to the hard work and drive of the whole H2-ecO team.



British Renewable Energy Award
We are also very pleased to have been nominated for the national ‘Installer of the Year’ at the British Renewable Energy Awards. Read on to learn about why we were nominated for this top award.

Why H2ecO were nominated for Installer of the Year

Julie Stephenson has run H2ecO for nearly 5 years as a small renewable energy installation company in Dorset. She has seen the company expand and contract with the vagaries of the various incentives and changes in governments. The company has varied in size between 12 and 3 staff and has weathered the financial difficulties typical of her industry. H2-ecO has had years that are profitable and years that are loss-making. What has not changed during those years is her commitment to truly excellent customer care. The requirements of RECC and the MCS are largely irrelevant as she always ensures that the standards H2ecO applies are well above the minimum requirements. WHICH registered for 3 years, most recommended company in Dorset on Yougen for companies that are not using feedback gained by other companies work, and with hundreds of installations to the companies name. She keeps the company going even faced with very difficult trading conditions for a company that doesn’t break or even come close to bending the rules on sales and marketing of renewables (something we find rare in the real world).

H2ecO recently installed a full package of renewables to a new-build commercial building inc PV, UFH, Heatpump, Heat recovery ventilation and Heat recovery aircon. This was at the clients request and required lots of work with the main contractor who did not think it was normal or likely to be feasible to apply those thechnologies to a “typical” new shed building. The system has worked flawlessley and would make a very good case study for the adoption of those technologies into standard “shed” construction light commercial/industrial units.    Recently becoming service partners with Daikin and Panasonic to help provide a baseline of work for H2ecO’s staff – so the company can be kept running. Julie wants to ensure that her existing clients will be looked after properly by H2ecO into the future rather than take the currently easy option of voluntary liquidation to shed all previous liabilities in terms of warranties etc – as we see a lot of other renewable installers doing.    If for nothing else than sheer determination to keep the company running in the face of extremely difficult trading but with the same exceptional standards of customer care as always, she and her installation team deserve recognition.