Renewable Energy for Business

Renewable Energy for Business

H2ecO supplies, installs and maintains renewable energy systems for small and large businesses across Dorset and surrounding counties.

In light of ever rising energy costs, climate change and evolving legislation, the need for robust, low-carbon alternative energy has never been greater. H2ecO can advise on the best value solutions to reduce your energy bills and reduce your reliance on carbon emitting equipment.

We provide advice that combines an in-depth understanding of all of the main technologies, allowing you to explore what would best suit your budget and business requirements.

A key benefit of working with H2ecO is our ability to work across multiple technologies and advise on a priority list of works to maximise the combined benefits between the technologies.

Improving the bottom line in an environmentally friendly way. H2-ecO can help you to achieve the following:

Solar PV Dorset

Reduced energy costs

Commercial Solar PV Dorset

Increased value of your building

Benefits of Solar PV

Improved green credentials

Commercial Solar PV Dorset

Staying ahead of legislative changes

Save through Renewable Energy

Protection from increasing energy prices

Reduce Tenant Churn

Reducing tenant churn

Dedicated, bespoke solutions for the commercial sector in the following renewable technologies:


Working with Daikin UK, H2ecO designed and installed systems that fully met our requirements and are producing excellent results in terms of energy efficiency, economics and environmental performance.

Anglo American Oil Company

Attention to detail and non-compromising standards ensure the very best solar installations for business.
  • Real clarification of a customer’s needs and excellent communication throughout the whole process.
  • Full structural analysis ensuring buildings can carry the system.
  • Export metering installed if it makes sense to do so.
  • Web-accessible, panel-level monitoring options.
  • Panel-level optimisation using Solar Edge inverters with 12 year warranty as standard.
  • Armoured AC cables sized for 1% losses (others work to 3% or more).
  • ISKRA Generation meter with SIM card dial in functionality to check your systems output remotely.
  • Tier 1 Solar Panels with 25 year warranties and Salt mist / ammonia certification.
  • Tier 1 Framework system designed to last for 25 years.
  • ABB / Siebert Switchgear.
  • Support with all aspects of paperwork and registrations – of which there are many.
  • Bespoke maintenance and support options.
Solar Panels for Business
One of our recent projects

Anglo American Oil Company

The Brief
Anglo American Oil Company is a company specialising in oils and fuels for motor racing and small engines. The brief was for a no-compromise heating and cooling system that was RHI eligible as far as possible and made maximum use of renewable sources, minimising demand from the grid. Particular consideration was to be given to creating a work environment that promoted high levels of productivity in the office area, so temperature control and air quality were key.

The Solutions
Daikin RHI eligible heat pumps and underfloor heating were combined with a whole-building Daikin air conditioning system. A bespoke solution was created as the two systems would have been capable of “fighting” each other; H2ecO devised an interlock control for each zone to ensure the two systems worked together effectively. This method was a first for Daikin UK and one they may use in the future elsewhere.

A Daikin Heat Recovery Ventilation system was installed, allowing the extraction of stale, warm air and the return of pre-heated fresh air. This is vital to the provision of high quality air with normal CO2 levels in busy rooms.

Demand from the grid was minimised through the installation of a 30kWp Solar PV array. A Solar Edge system provides panel-level monitoring and the ability to link with the TESLA battery storage system.

The Results
With photovoltaic generation taken into consideration, Anglo American Oil Company is effectively running its heating systems in the office and workshop for free over the next 19 years. And as the systems consumer only 10,200kWh of the 30,000kWh produced, electricity costs over the whole site are significantly reduced, with potential for income from exporting surplus capacity to the National Grid.

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Commercial Servicing
Solar PV Servicing

Annual servicing, maintenance & repair for any commercial installation

We are qualified and experienced engineers for a wide range of renewable energy technologies. If your business has an existing solar PV array, heat pumps or any other technology that requires servicing or repairs then please get in touch.